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whats new at teru sushi

Roll With Me $13.50
2 handrolls of spicy shrimp tempura with avocado, rice and
spicy mayo wrapped in soy paper. Enjoy and come roll with me!

Stop, drop and roll (no rice) $15.00
Panko-encrusted crab, avocado and salmon roll; deep-fried
and served with two different sauces

Chaos! $16.00
Shrimp & jalapeno tempura, spicy tuna, & avocado roll;
topped with crispy onions, okutone, and sauteed cilantro,
garlic & jalapeno. Use your fingers to enjoy the chaos.

All in $18.00
Salmon, tuna, albacore, crabmeat with spicy mayo
made into a roll & topped with albacore, avocado, rice and
garlic flakes; house vinaigrette sauce is trickled on top.

Happy Ending $8.00
A soy paper handroll with baked scallops,
fresh water eel and avocado - a perfect finish
to your meal. Have a happy ending!!!

That's How I Roll $11.00
Albacore tempura, avocado & spicy mayo roll
topped with albacore sashimi, garlic, onions,
bonito flakes, & drizzled with ponzu/chilli sauce